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Examples of our work

Please use the buttons below to browse the before, during and after photos in each of the examples of our work.

Example 1



This patient had four decayed and abscessed front teeth which needed to be extracted. She was referred to The Dental Implant Clinic. After discussing all of the options, she decided to have the four teeth extracted and two implants placed. Only two implants were needed to replace the three teeth. The finished result was achieved three months after treatment began.

Example 2


Temporary Denture

This patient had a blow to her upper right central incisor. The root was fractured and the tooth was beginning to move and a gap was opening up between her two front teeth. The tooth was extracted and a temporary denture was fitted on the same day, so that no-one could see that she had a gap.



After the extraction the area was left to heal for a few weeks until it was nicely healed. The patient then had a dental implant placed. During the healing she was allowed to wear her denture. She was never left with a gap during the entire treatment. The second photograph shows her completed implant tooth which is in perfect harmony with her other teeth.

Example 3

This patient had an abscessed front tooth. She was particularly upset with the differing gum heights.

The tooth was carefully extracted and she wore a temporary denture.

This is the finished implant which now matches her other tooth in every way. The gum heights are now the same too.

This is how the implant fitted in with her smile.

Example 4

This young lady was unlucky enough to lose an incisor, and there was also some discolouration of the other front teeth. An implant was placed to replace her incisor and the appearance of her other teeth was improved, leaving her with a perfect smile.

Here is a close up of the implant and crown – as you can see, imperceptible from natural teeth.

Example 5

This lady had no upper teeth, and could not keep her dentures in place.

This is what the implants look like in her mouth.

This is a picture of inside her upper denture, showing her nylon washers which keep her dentures very firm.

Here is the after picture with her new implant secured dentures in place. She can now bite an apple with confidence!

Example 6

This young lady had an accident, losing a front tooth and chipping an adjacent front tooth. The right-hand photograph shows the completed implant and crown in situ, and the adjacent front tooth repaired.

Example 7

This lady had been without a front tooth for many years. She had been wearing a denture. After bone and gum grafting, it was possible to restore the missing tooth with a dental implant.

This photograph shows the beautifully matched implant tooth.

This is her restored smile.