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Hannah Marsh’s Story

Hannah Marsh, 22, Bath

‘I got really upset with the thought of what was involved and on a number of occasions I burst into tears prior to my treatment, but everyone at The Dental Implant Clinic was really supportive and calming. They were also incredibly patient and really understood how I was feeling’.

Why Hannah Chose The Dental Implant Clinic

‘I was referred to The Dental Implant Clinic by my dentist as he wanted an implantologist to look at my front tooth. Because I had previously worn a brace, I was very aware of how important it was to look after my teeth and this made it even more important that I saw an expert.’


Hannah, a 22 year old art student from Bath first visited The Dental Implant Clinic when aged 19. Hannah’s dentist was concerned about some redness around the gum of one of her front teeth and a crack that had formed at the top of the tooth. She was referred by her dentist to The Dental Implant Clinic, where it was diagnosed that the tooth had previously suffered severe trauma, and asĀ  a result of this blow the tooth had died and would become loose and fall out. The trauma had occurred when she received a blow from a bottle.

The Treatment

Prior to the removal of the tooth Hannah was given all of the options for its replacement and she decided that a dental implant would provide the best long term solution. As Hannah was a student and had not been in fullĀ  time employment, her Gran offered to cover the cost of the treatment. Just before leaving for Coventry University, Hannah visited The Dental Implant Clinic to have the tooth removed. A denture was fitted straight afterwards so that Hannah could enter university life without the added stress of a gap in her front teeth. Once the gum had healed, the implant was placed.

Three years on Hannah works part-time as a shop assistant for an action sports retailer in the heart of Bath and is entering her third year studying fine art at Bath Spa University. She hopes to undertake a three year apprenticeship as a mechanic upon leaving university.