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Jane Hill’s Story

Jane Hills, 44, Bristol

‘For over 30 years I haven’t been able to bite into an apple. I also never really realised how having wobbly teeth made me feel so insecure and I really did lack confidence. My new implants have definitely made me feel more confident and relaxed and they will last forever.’

Why Jane chose The Dental Implant Clinic

‘I was referred by my dentist to The Dental Implant Clinic as he felt that implants were the only solution to my ongoing problems with my two front teeth. On meeting Jonathan Schofield for my initial consultation, I was very impressed by his professionalism, and the before and after pictures of previous patient cases really convinced me to take the dental implant route.’


Jane, now aged 44, was knocked over by a car aged 11, and as a result of the accident, her two front teeth had experienced a severe trauma and subsequently died. For almost three decades, Jane had received extensive dental work including crowns and bridges. These had continued to fail and Jane also experienced a number of abscesses as a result of the problems with her two front teeth.

Jane has a variety of jobs, all of which involve close interaction with people on a day to day basis. Not only does Jane coach companies in communication skills, she also works in a clothes shop and is one of the comedy performers for Instant Wit, a live improvised comedy company that performs at venues in and around Bristol.

The Treatment

Because of the huge amount of dental work Jane had previously received, she had become quite nervous and was concerned about the implant treatment. Jane says: ‘I certainly wasn’t the model patient as I didn’t feel very relaxed about the treatment.’

The Dental Implant Clinic explained to Jane that all of the major work could be carried out under sedation and also suggested that she have a friend accompany her to offer support prior to being sedated. Following the initial consultation, the two teeth were carefully removed and replaced by two implants. During the period that the implants were healing, a denture was fitted. Jane said: ‘I got so used to the false teeth that I didn’t even realise when I had them in.’

Jane said on completion of the treatment: ‘This has been such a relief. I have definitely reached the end of the road. A real full stop from the legacy of the initial trauma I suffered.’