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This exciting technology now means that patients will no longer need those uncomfortable impressions of their teeth.

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Opening 2nd March SNOW

We are open today.

We have a reduced number of staff. However we can honour existing appointments. If you need to cancel then please call us.

We are also open for emergencies today.


Early morning opening!

We are now open each Friday at the earlier time of 8am. We feel this early morning service will offer patients who are working extra time when they can contact us and have treatment. If you think this service would be of use to you or have any other suggestions on how we can improve our service then please leave us a message on our contact us page.


Launch of Juventas Facial Rejuvenation Clinic

The Dental Implant Clinic is delighted to launch a new service offering: The Juventas Clinic. The Juventas Clinic will offer facial rejuvenation treatments including:

  • Facial Line Softening
  • Lip Plumping
  • Jaw Recontouring
  • Underarm Perspiration Reduction

The Juventas Clinic will be led by Dr Robert Tyrell. Contact us to book a free, no obligation consultation.

New course: Surgical Implant Placement Day (Live Skills)

The Dental Implant Clinic’s Jonathon Schofield and Tim Harris have put together a new exclusive one-day hands on surgical course.

This is an exclusive one day course during which you will place a minimum of two implants and assist for another case. Your patient will be pre selected and prepared with a full treatment plan, surgical guides and radiographs.

During the surgical procedure you will receive one-to-one supervision by an experienced clinician


  • To give knowledgeable clinicians the ability to place a minimum of two SAC ‘advanced’ dental implants under expert tuition
  • To enhance your surgical and soft tissue handling skills.


  • To provide one-to-one surgical tuition
  • To complete an SAC advanced surgical case and place at least two dental implants.

What is included

  • Course materials suitable for a log book of experience
  • One to one tuition from experienced tutors
  • Photographs of your case
  • 8 hours CPD
  • All refreshments and lunch

Click here for full details and use the button below to reserve your space through Eventbrite.

Eventbrite - Surgical Implant Placement Day (Live Skills)

A big ‘thank you’ from a patient

We recently received this lovely letter from our patient Angela Harrison who kindly gave us permission to put it on our website.

To read about another patient who recently got in touch to tell us that her implants are still performing well after 17 years, click here, or have a look at the Patient Stories on the site.

Thank You Letter

Jonathan Completes 80 mile Bike Bath Sportive

The 3rd of July was one of the few days this year when the weather was glorious.

Jonathan Schofield, principal of The Dental Implant Clinic, completed the Bike Bath 80 mile sportive with his son Oliver. The course went right out to Salisbury plane and through beautiful villages including Lacock.

Here are the two of them finishing at the Bath Rec.

Jonathan Schofield completes 80 mile sportive

Jonathan Schofield completes 80 mile sportive

Mentor Training Day

29th June was The Dental Implant Clinic’s third Mentor Training day.

The day was centred around how to teach experienced clinicians mentoring skills. This will enable them to supervise less experienced implantologists on their surgical training pathway.

To find out more about mentoring click here.

Advanced Life Support training

We had an intensive day of advanced life support training on 25th June.

It was really good to be able to practice all of our emergency procedures.

Because we offer sedation our training for life support and administering emergency drugs has to be performed to a high standard.

To find out more about sedation please click here
DSC_0346 - Version 2 DSC_0350 DSC_0351DSC_0234

Bisphosphonate drugs and their relevance to dentistry

The Dental Implant Clinic team member Elliott Ballantyne completed his MSc thesis on the use  of bisphosphonates in dentistry. He is presenting a poster on the subject at the international Osteology Conference in Monaco this April.

Bisphosphonates are a group of drugs used to treat a variety of disorders. One of the most common uses for this drug is to treat the condition of osteoporosis and osteopenia (pre-osteoporosis). They can also be given after the treatment of certain cancers such as breast cancer and prostate cancer.

There are several types of bisphosphonate:

Disodium pamidronate (Aredia)
Ibandronic acid or ibandronate (Bondronat)
Sodium clodronate (Bonefos, Clasteon, Loron)
Zoledronic acid or zoledronate (Zometa)

The bisphosponates work by targeting areas of higher bone turnover and slowing the rate of bone loss which is caused by cells in the bone called osteoclasts. The bisphosphonate drugs  are absorbed by the osteoclasts which slows down their activity and reduce bone loss. However, the slow down of bone loss caused by bisphosphonate drugs also reduces the rate of bone healing. This can sometimes be a problem if if you need to have a tooth extracted or need dental implants.

May people who are already taking bishphosphonates can still have a tooth extraction or a dental implant because it depends on the dose, type of bisphosphonate and how long you have been taking it for.

Some important points to note are:

  • Tell your dentist if you have started or about to start these drugs
  • Before taking these drugs it is best to have a thorough check up to ensure that your teeth and implants are healthy

Below is a copy of Elliot’s poster (click to enlarge – note: contains clinical imagery).