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Robert Bates’ Story

Robert Bates, 49, Swainswick, near Bath

‘For the fist time in nine years I have been able to eat an apple without chopping it into pieces…and go to a restaurant and order what I want! Cosmetically, I look in the mirror and it looks great!’

Why Robert chose The Dental Implant Clinic

Robert, a 49 year old building contractor from near Bath, had long term problems with an upper front tooth since it snapped when he was aged only 18. The tooth was capped for approximately twenty years, and more recently, for the past nine years, he had a false tooth fixed to the snapped tooth by a metal post. Whilst working around the corner from the Clinic, Robert ran into the practice at 8.30am as the tooth had become loose. Although he did not have an appointment and had never visited the practice before, a consultation was arranged with Jonathan Schofield later that day.

The Treatment

During the consultation it became clear that Robert’s tooth needed to be extracted. Because of an unpleasant experience as a child, Robert had always been nervous of any dental procedure. The tooth was therefore extracted and replaced with a temporary bridge whilst Robert was under sedation. This meant that on the day of the extraction Robert had a tooth still in situ, and at no stage did he have to have a gap in his teeth.

Robert was then advised of all the options that were open to him and he chose a dental implant because he did not want to wear a denture or a bridge. After about six weeks of healing, the implant was placed and left in situ for approximately ten weeks, after which time the bridge was removed and the implant tooth restored. Just five months after the initial consultation, Robert’s treatment was complete.

Robert has been delighted with the treatment and all along he has been particularly impressed by the fact that he has felt no pain at any stage. He said, ‘Immediately after the placement of the tooth upon the implant I felt confident to eat whatever I liked. It looks great too!’