Coronavirus Update

The Dental Implant Clinic is open, in compliance with national guidelines. On 7th January 2021 the Chief dental Officer, Sara Hurley, wrote to all Dental Practitioners confirming that they are front line health professionals. This means that our practice will stay open and fully staffed. It also means that dental professionals are also being prioritised for COVID-19 vaccination.

Existing Patients

We are open to:

  • Continue treatment we are mid-way through.
  • See our patients for their maintenance appointments as this is a valuable preventative measure.
  • See our patients for their hygienist appointments as this is also an extremely important preventative service.

New Patients

We will also continue to see new patients who self-refer or are referred by their dentist.

COVID Operating Procedures

We employ an extensive COVID-secure operating procedures protocol. Some of the measures include:

  • Wearing the recommended PPE for every procedure.
  • Thoroughly and regularly cleaning clinical and communal areas.
  • Allowing for surgery ‘fallow’ time between aerosol generating procedures.
  • Ensuring the ventilation of all rooms of the practice.
  • Activating our air filtration systems during aerosol generating procedures.
  • Pre-screening all patients attending the practice.
  • Daily staff screening and PPE used in all settings.
  • Maintaining social distancing between staff members themselves as well as with patients.
  • Protective reception screens and one way systems.
  • Multiple hand sanitising stations.
  • Any visitor to the practice will continue to wear a face covering until asked to remove it by the clinician.

We continue to work, with extremely robust cross infection control protocols in all that we do. Note:

  • We have a car park where patients can wait safely.
  • Our patient toilet facilities are open.
  • Our protocols are robust and we do accept patients who are shielding.

Please watch this video to find out about the enhanced procedures we have put in place and the new guidelines you need to follow if you are visiting the Clinic. Please contact us or call us on 01225 448400 if you have any questions.

The NHS Coronavirus website can be found here:

Correction of Bad Implants

We are fast becoming a well-known centre for the retrieval of bad or failing implants.

This very unhappy patient came to see Jonathon with some of the worst placed implants we have seen. The implants were so bad that it was impossible to put crowns on them! The implants were carefully removed and the treatment started again.

Thankfully, the patient was able to leave The Dental Implant Clinic with a new implant forming a stable base for a crown.

At The Dental Implant Clinic, we can:

  • Service all major implant systems
  • Replace worn or damaged implant work
  • Advise you if you are unhappy with the dental implant treatment you have received

Please contact us if we can help regarding any of the above areas.

Correction of Bad Implants

Pratik Works Some Magic

One of our patients came to see us recently. She had an implant placed by Jonathon Schofield 10 years ago, which is still looking good. However, she was unhappy with the appearance of a nearby tooth as its face was standing in relative to her other teeth.

Pratik Patel added some of our miraculous white filling material to make it blend in more – as you can see below, the results are very impressive!