Jonathan Schofield, Principal at The Dental Implant Clinic, writes about reconnecting with a patient whose implants are still performing well 17 years after their placement.

I had lost contact with a Mrs Binks on whom I had placed 7 implants in in 1998.

Happy with her implants 17 years later.
Happy with her implants 17 years later.

She has subsequently moved to Inverurie in Aberdeenshire, which is 532 miles from Bath. I was recently contacted by her new dentist in Inverurie, who was asking for some details about Mrs. Binks’ implants. I was able to furnish him with the information he needed along with some information on how to maintain her dental implants.

After this Mrs. Binks kindly wrote to me as follows:

Dear Mr. Schofield,

Thank you so much for your kindness in forwarding the necessary info to the Practice in Inverurie. Up to this year I’ve been visiting Bristol fairly regularly & seeing Robert Pears, but my travelling is not so frequent now & I felt I ought to register with a dentist nearer home!

The implants have been great – thanks to you – and I trust they will remain so.

Once again, many thanks.


Nancy Binks