Advanced Dental Care with Guided Biofilm (GBT) Therapy now available at our Bath Clinic

Discover the cutting-edge benefits of Guided Biofilm Therapy (GBT) at our Bath practice. GBT ensures thorough biofilm removal using advanced, gentle techniques, supporting your overall health and providing a pain-free, personalised dental experience. Embrace the future of dental hygiene and enjoy superior results with our expert care.

Why have we recommended GBT for you?

Advances in hygiene treatment with GBT are evidence based and the result of years of clinical research

We know that the old hygiene methods using handheld instruments, brushes and polishing paste removed less of the harmful biofilm in areas that are difficult to reach.

With GBT we can now guarantee to effectively remove all biofilm, discoloration and calculus completely. GBT uses innovative technologies while being gentle on the tooth surfaces and gums. With the use of Airflow, Perioflow and Piezon you will experience no pain at all.

GBT means we can guarantee consistent high-quality treatment which supports your overall health for a lifetime. You probably are already aware that studies show that biofilm increases the risk of Alzheimer’s, heart disease, respiratory disorders diabetes and more.

Please read more about GBT and why we use this method here.

What is GBT?

Guided biofilm therapy (GBT) is a minimally invasive approach to dental biofilm (plaque) management and follows a unique process. Each appointment is different, personalised to the needs presented by each patient.

Why is GBT more of an investment?

This process is substantially more comprehensive than any other hygiene appointment that we have offered before, the decision to transition to it, is due to the evidence based results that guarantee the best outcome and complete removal of biofilm for our patients.  As a result, equipment costs and surgery time have increased, these changes are accounted for in our new fees.

What happens in a GBT appointment?

The GBT process includes:

  • Assessment – 6 measurements per tooth are taken to ensure a detailed record of your gum health. Ideally, we want these numbers to be below 4mm, as higher numbers could mean periodontal disease. We measure inflammation and bleeding at this stage summarised with a percentage, anything below 10% is great!
  • Disclosing – So that we can see the biofilm more clearly, we use a specialist temporary dye that only highlights the spots where plaque exists. This helps you see where you have been missing with your toothbrush and helps us see all plaque biofilm on the tooth surface. We record where the biofilm is and give you a percentage. Below 20% is excellent and what we’re aiming for here.
  • Oral Hygiene instruction – This stage is all about finding out what you are doing at home and if we can help you by giving you and tips and tricks to ensure you’re keeping your teeth and gums clean.
  • Airflow – This is a combination of water-soluble powder, air, and heated water at roughly (40°C). We use this combination to remove the plaque biofilm from the teeth. This innovation is much gentler on the teeth than other methods and can reach up to 4mm underneath the gum line for a superior clean.
  • Perioflow – If the spaces between the tooth and the gum pocket are deep, we can use this technology under the gum.
  • Power driven scaler – This is something you may remember from before. The ultrasonic machine breaks apart any remaining hard plaque (calculus).
  • Checking – This final stage is to confirm we have removed all deposits from the teeth and gums. It can involve using the hand instruments to access the most challenging areas. We apply tooth mousse at this stage; a paste rich in calcium, phosphate and fluoride to help protect your teeth.
  • Recall –We make the best recommendations based on our own clinical judgement
  • There is also a video available here which provides a great overview of the entire treatment process, including how it is entirely bespoke to your needs.