We have all the expertise and equipment to make sure that your teeth are perfectly positioned.

Orthodontic treatment involves moving the teeth with braces in order to make them straight and to correct the bite. At The Dental Implant Clinic, our specialist orthodontist will treat patients of all ages. A course of orthodontic treatment may be recommended in addition to your dental implants in order to help you achieve the perfect smile.

Orthodontics and Implants

When teeth are lost or missing the adjacent teeth can drift or tilt into the available space. In order to place implants it is sometimes necessary to move some teeth first.

Some patients want both an implant and to have their teeth straightened. In such cases it is necessary to straighten the teeth prior to placing the implants.

Common types of ‘braces’

Conventional fixed appliance (train tracks)
The most common type of brace has small square brackets bonded to the outside of the teeth. A thin wire is attached to these brackets is shaped to the desired position of the teeth and the teeth gradually move into the correct position. The small square brackets can be made of metal or a white ceramic material to make them less conspicuous.

Lingual fixed appliance
This type of brace has the small square brackets attached onto the inside of the teeth. A thin wire is attached to these brackets. The beauty of this brace is that it is largely invisible which appeals to some people, particularly adults.

Invisible braces
Invisible braces are made of thin clear plastic and fit over teeth like a glove. They are perfect for people who would rather not advertise the fact that they are undergoing treatment. The clear plastic appliances gradually nudge your teeth into the correct position.

Orthodontics Fees

All fees are estimates and all patients will be given a full, personalised written estimate before commencing treatment. Please contact us to discuss finance schemes, as we provide the option for you to pay for your treatment in instalments.

Fixed brace: £1400-3000

Lingual upper and fixed lower: £2950-4750

Invisible braces: £2500-3650

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