We use the latest technology in radiography to deliver the best possible treatment.

Radiography (X-Rays) help us to accurately diagnose some  problems with teeth. In dental implantology, radiography is a valuable tool to allow us to assess the bone that is present and to check that the proposed position of the implant is correct.

2D Radiographic Imaging

This has been available for many years and is still our most used type of X-Ray image. We use digital imaging which dramatically reduces the radiation dose of our radiographs.

3D Radiographic Imaging

We are proud to have a 3D radiographic imaging machine. This is called a Cone Beam Scanner. The machine that we use is made by the Kodak Corporation and it is particularly suited to dental implantology because it limits the amount of X-Ray exposure to a relatively small volume of the jaw thus making it a very low-dose X-Ray machine. Our Cone Beam Scanner give us fantastic 3-D images of the areas where we want to place implants. It thus enables us to plan the placement of  our implants more accurately.

Radiography Fees

All fees are estimates and all patients will be given a full, personalised written estimate before commencing treatment. Please contact us to discuss finance schemes, as we provide the option for you to pay for your treatment in instalments.

Small 2D digital X-Ray image: £15.75

Large 2D digital X-Ray image: £78.75

Small volume 3D scan: £90 (consultant’s report on the scan: +£65-85 depending on the size of the image to report)

Full arch 3D scan: £131 (cost is per arch; consultant’s report on the scan: +£75 for one or two arches)