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A multidisciplinary, patient-centred practice, dedicated to all aspects of implant dentistry

At The Dental Implant Clinic we are committed to the absolute highest levels of patient care and with 18 years’ service and over 6,000 implant procedures behind us, we are recognised leaders in our field.

And as a teaching centre for Bristol University’s MSc in Dental Implantology, we have trained many of the implant dentists in the South West and further afield, imparting our clinical knowledge and expertise to 450 clinicians.

With our unrivalled experience and commitment to clinical excellence and patient care, you can rest assured that The Dental Implant Clinic is the best partner for your dental implants.

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The Dental Implant Clinic was established to provide the best possible environment for the placement of dental implants

Dedicated to Dental Implants

Established in 2004, The Dental Implant Clinic is a dedicated space focused solely on implants. Since we started, our specialist and highly trained team have placed over 7000 implants making us one of the most experienced clinics in the country.

Expert Multidisciplinary Team

We are a team of expert clinicians, providing world-class dental implants. The team provides patients with the best possible treatment for existing teeth and replacements for missing or terminally damaged teeth.

Teaching Centre for Implants

The team at The Dental Implant Clinic train other dentists about dental implants, through our Courses and as a teaching centre for Bristol University’s MSc in Dental Implantology, coordinated by Jonathon Schofield.

Our Services

We offer dental implants and a range of complementary services designed to help you achieve the perfect smile


Dental Implants

Small titanium screws placed into the bone to provide the most stable and long-lasting platform for the replacement of the missing teeth. You can bite and chew hard foods like apples with an implant just like natural teeth and they help preserve bone and gum.



Also known as root canal therapy, endodontics involves saving teeth by removing an infection from inside a tooth. Any root canal issues must be corrected before implants are placed, in order to keep your existing teeth healthy and to stop an infection spreading to dental implants.


Nervous Patients

We aim to make procedures as easy as possible for you. If you are nervous or do not want to be aware of what is happening during treatment then sedation might be an option. You will not remember anything about the treatment, and it will seem to pass very quickly.


Gum Disease

Gum disease is a bacterial infection of the gums which has spread to the bone and supporting structures around a tooth. Treatment of any gum disease must take place before implants can be placed, and subsequent long-term care and support is needed.



Orthodontic treatment involves moving the teeth with braces in order to make them straight and to correct the bite. A course of orthodontic treatment may be recommended in addition to your dental implants in order to help you achieve the perfect smile.



Radiography helps us to diagnose problems with teeth and bone. In dental implantology, radiography allows us to accurately assess the amount of bone present. We have very up to date radiography equipment at the Clinic including Digital 2D and 3D radiography (CBCT scans).

Our team

We are an expert and multidisciplinary team of experienced practitioners, dedicated to patient service

Elliott Ballantyne

Principal & Implant Dentist

Elizabeth King

Consultant Specialist in Restorative Dentistry

Pratik Patel

Implant Dentist

Damian Korzuch

Specialist Oral Surgeon

Rippon Sanghera

Specialist in Orthodontics

Erlind Pepla

Practice Limited to Endodontics

Zeyad Shaker

Doctorate in Periodontics

Karen Morrison

Dental Hygienist

Bhagy Batchu

Specialist in Dental and Maxillofacial Radiology

Christian Day

Consultant Specialist in Orthodontics

Leoni Papageorgopoulou

Practice Limited to Endodontics

Patient before and after pictures

Upper left central incisor lost due to infection and replaced with a highly aesthetic screw retained fixed implant crown.

Upper right central incisor tooth lost due to trauma and replaced with an implant retained fixed crown. The upper left central incisor was damaged in the initial trauma and repaired using the latest techniques in highly aesthetic bonding.

Finished dental implants at our Bath practice retaining a fixed bridge

Several failing untreatable upper teeth using conventional dental methods and materials. Following the removal of these teeth, allowing adequate healing periods, a number of implants were placed to retain a fixed bridge.

A few words from some of our patients

2:30 minute video

Please take a moment to listen to a few of our patients explain what it’s like to be treated at The Dental Implant Clinic.

Play Video about Dental Implant patients talks through the process
Jane Hills
Jane Hills44 from Bristol
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For over 30 years I haven’t been able to bite into an apple. I also never really realised how having wobbly teeth made me feel so insecure and I really did lack confidence. My new implants have definitely made me feel more confident and relaxed and they will last forever.
Ann Hart-Ives
Ann Hart-Ives67, Chippenham
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I had a denture for a couple of years and, to be honest, I didn’t really enjoy smiling because everyone could see the gold clips. Since I have had the dental implants, I have felt more confident and my friends have said that I smile more.
Hannah Marsh
Hannah Marsh22, Bath
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I got really upset with the thought of what was involved and on a number of occasions I burst into tears prior to my treatment, but everyone at The Dental Implant Clinic was really supportive and calming. They were also incredibly patient and really understood how I was feeling.
Robert Bates
Robert Bates49, Swainswick
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For the fist time in nine years I have been able to eat an apple without chopping it into pieces…and go to a restaurant and order what I want! Cosmetically, I look in the mirror and it looks great!

I was surprised how easy and painless the whole process and it was very comforting to be treated by an expert who, along side all of the nurses, helped me through every step of the treatment. Since I have had the dental implants, I have felt more confident and my friends have said that I smile more.

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